Control Main Features



Phone Calls

Monitor calls and all incoming or outgoing logs.

Phone numbers, names and time.



Be aware of browser activity and bookmarks.

View websites visited or block inappropriate content.



Monitor calendar events, activities, as well as plans

and intentions put on a schedule.



You are able to keep tracking of all essential data,

lists to-do, everything written down in the Notes.


Text Messages

SMS text content, iMessages, and MMS sent,

received, and even deleted. Everything is available.


Location & Geo-fencing

Track real-time GPS location and route history.

Set geo-restrictions and get notifications.


Multimedia Files

View all photos and videos made by camera or downloaded

from the Internet on the target device.


Application Control

Monitor doubtful applications on the target device.

Block inappropriate ones or limit its running time.

How to Spy on Text Messages without Having a Phone

Would you like to have an opportunity to spy on text messages of your children when you are far from them or sitting right next to them at home? There is just one simple way to implement that. Using reliable spying application like ControlApps, you can freely read all SMS messages of your dear kid or even partner.

You may check the same messages on your cell phone Control Panel, immediately. Now you are able to know when it was sent and by whom. It is a great option for those parents who are constantly worrying about their kids and wish to be aware of their online activity, to protect and save from the constant danger, lurking in our modern life.


This simple and functional text message spy application can provide you with some certain set of options, allowing you to read not only SMS but even browse social network accounts and any Web activity. Besides that, you can also spy on your employees if they are using some corporate cell phones contrary to general corporate purposes. With this ControlApps paid monitoring application, you will definitely know about:

  • SMS
  • Chat messages
  • Calls
  • Internet browser history
  • GPS location


So, you can learn everything about the person monitoring his/her iPhone, tablet, or other devices. You are able to know such kids secretes that were even difficult to imagine. And all this is done with only one purpose – to protect them!

Besides that, with ControlApps you also can set controls for your kids and their Internet activity, blocking sources with unacceptable content or limiting their online time. Just set your own passwords and your children will never see any dangerous adult content without your permission or awareness about their actions.

You receive now total control over the target smartphone. The reports about its actions will come on your own gadget properly. Receive photos and videos, any media files as well as the calls records. It is just an incredible invention that makes you able to control every step of your children or employee.

There are hundreds of online spying apps nowadays, but ControlApps is one of the best we can recommend, in its niche. This is because of its wide options list and reliability.

Applications for spying on text messages


Spying on text messages becomes easier with every new application development. Just follow some clear recommendations of your app website or reviews online. And the best applications like ControlApps are giving you the opportunity to read all text messages and receive reports about smartphone activity without any need to stay in the same room or hold that gadget in your hands. Perhaps, the only exception is at the first stage of installation, when you need physical access to the target phone, in some cases (read more about setup process).

If you want to see the phone number that was calling your daughter in the midnight, you can easily do that with our spying application on your tablet. You can also read even deleted messages! All you need is just to find the proper application right here. There are no exact tips on how to spy text messages, but ControlApps will do the job perfectly and with no efforts from your side.

Just pick the subscription plan, suitable for yourself, regarding target device and special requirements.