How to Find Your Reliable iPhone Tracker App

iOS Monitoring App

Control cell phone usage

View mediafiles storage

Follow text message history

Monitor in and outbound calls

browser 2

Follow online activity

Monitor social media

Follow browsing history

Block distracting websites


Track kids remotely

Monitor current GPS location

Protect kids on the road

View recent route history

For those businessmen who want to control their company’s cellphones and for caring parents who want to know what their kids are doing on the Internet, there is one simple solution nowadays. Just install your spy software for iPhone and you will be able to monitor your kids devices, employees or beloved ones.

There are lots of different iPhone spyware applications offered on the digital market nowadays. Some of them offer really cool ideas for your mobile tracking. And we are ready to offer one of the best choices for you – the ControlApps. With this app you will be able to know about each step of your kid, which significantly reduces the risk of damage, caused by excessive use of malicious Web Resources. Your employee can also be monitored, if he or she is using your corporate cell phone not on purpose. This is the ultimate solution to know GPS location, messaging, online activity and even passwords set on a target gadget.

Small kids using a tablet

Spy software for iPhone?

As we have said before, there are lots of different spy apps for iPhone on the market and you can easily find one, the most appropriate for the usage. First of all, you should look at the product quality and the developer’s reputation, but also, it is useful to check some reviews and the list of options and features the application provides. This is the optimal way to know the capabilities of ControlApps too.

Using ControlApps application you will be available to:

  • Read any text messages and emails
  • Listen and record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Track GPS location of an iPhone
  • Track online messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Kik, Facebook)
  • Application monitoring

And this list is not complete certainly.

If you want to track your own kids or employees, there is no better way to do that than to use a reliable and safe iPhone spy app.

Some of those applications require your iPhone to be jailbroken. But you can always purchase here the premium subscription with iCloud Solution plan, which allows installing the app even with no physical access
Phone calls
You will have an opportunity to view all calls received and outgoing calls, including subscribers’ names, phone numbers, and exact calling time.
GPS location tracking
It is very useful, especially, for parents, to know the exact location of the targeted iPhone. Our app allows you to monitor the routes history, set geo-fences and receive notifications.
Chats monitoring
Online chat applications are very popular nowadays and most of text messages are going through them. Have an access to all messengers on your kid’s iPhone.
Besides simple SMS and chats, you will have absolute access to email accounts. Sent and received emails, see the contacts and registrations with ControlApps.
Picture and video
Some advanced applications allow getting any content from the targeted phone remotely. You can download videos, photos and view all multimedia from the tracked device.
Browser and downloads history
Using our iPhone tracker app you can check the entire browser history as well as downloaded files history. Track websites visited via the tracked device. View bookmarks and block web resources with inappropriate content.
As you can see such applications can be very helpful in different fields of our life. As the world of communications develops – people should develop their communication tools properly.