Frequently Asked Questions


➠ What is the ControlApps?

ControlApps is a remote monitoring and managing software installed on the child’s handheld device that provides well-rounded information about the call history, texting, GPS location, social media activity, browsing history, IM messengers’ communication and other activities.

➠ Is it legal to use the ControlApps?

As long as you install and use the application on the devices that belong to you or your minor children, it is legal. The same is if the owner of the device grants you permission to oversee it. Illegal purposes of usage of the ControlApps software including tracking other people’s offline and online mobile device activities are not tolerated.

➠ Will my child see the activities of ControlApps on the device?

The answer depends on the platform you use. Android and iOS versions of the app are visible, however, without knowing a PIN code it will be impossible to make adjustments to the settings or uninstall the app. iCloud solution doesn’t call for installation of the software on the target device and, as a result, doesn’t create an icon on the home screen.

➠ Could i delete the application from the device

Yes, but with the deletion of the data, you will also lose your subscription, as it is made through the unassigning of the device. To do so, check “Device Settings” section and find “Unassign Device” button in the lower right corner there. Click it, and all the information of the device will be deleted. This action is beyond recall.

➠ Is it possible to block incoming calls?

The Control Panel of the app allows creating a Block list where you can add particular phone numbers. As a result, the caller will hear short code dialing and the owner of the phone won’t see that the chosen number is calling.

➠ Can I install and uninstall ControlApps without physical access to the target phone?

Such feature is available for the iCloud solution only. In all other cases, remote installation or uninstallation of the app is impossible.Note: iCloud solution requires knowledge of the login and password of the iCloud storage of the target device.

➠ Does one subscription work on several devices?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. One subscription works for one device only; adding new devices requires purchasing a new subscription.

➠ Are there any limits for tracking?

It depends on the type of your subscription. Basic subscription is limited to 700 calls and 300 SMS per month. Premium one is not limited at all.

➠ How to delete the ControlApps?

Contact our Support Team to delete the app or stop its usage.

➠ What devices support ControlApps?

Look through the Compatibility page to see if whether your device is compatible with ControlApps. Usually, it works on almost all iOS and Android devices.

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➠ How to jailbreak iOS?

The installation of ControlApps requires jailbreaking the iOS. During the installation, you will receive links to the third-party sources that provide instructions how to jailbreak iOS. You are not obliged to stick to these sources only – you can find sources on your own and use information from there.

If you do not want to jailbreak your device, try iCloud solution – it doesn’t require jailbreaking, is not visible on the target device and does not require physical access to the device during the installation. This solution is available for Premium subscribers only.

➠ Does jailbreak void a warranty? Can I restore a warranty after jailbreaking?

Warranty does not work for jailbroken devices. Still, there is a possibility to restore it. Simply update your device to the latest version of iOS or restore it to factory settings. Mind that restoring the device will remove all installed apps except built-in ones.

➠ Does jailbreak affect the usage of iTunes or iCloud?

No, the jailbreak has no influence on the performance of iTunes or iCloud and is not visible to these services.

➠ How to root Android?

Firstly, the installation of the app may not require rooting, however, the functionality of the app may be narrowed. If your wish to root the target device, you can make use of third-party sources that provide instructions how to root Android device; you will receive links to some of such resources during the installation. You are not obliged to stick to these sources only – you can find sources on your own and use information from there.

➠ Does the app connect to the SIM card or the device?

The app is connected to the device, so the change of the SIM card or the mobile carrier won’t influence the performance of the app.

➠ What are the payment methods for the app?

We accept all major payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Discover