Safe Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Compatible with the majority of smartphones and tablets. Provides reliable mobile tracking and remote control.


Operating System: iOS



Operating System: Android


Operating System:

iOS (no jailbreak is required)

Versions: 6.0 – 9.1 (with jailbreak)

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Versions: 2.2 – 6.0.1

Smartphones and Tablets

Versions: 6.0 – 10.1.1

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

People are different, and their needs are different as well. And when it comes to spying, there are also variety ways to follow. The majority of customers aim to use monitoring software to set parent control and take care of their kids. And this reason is fully justified nowadays. There are also people that use such applications for their business purposes, for example, to control corporate phones usage or to avoid leakage of valuable information.
The only thing you should remember is that such cell phone monitoring software is for legality purposes only. Here means that users must obtain explicit consent or own the monitored devices.
So, how to use ControlApps in a real life?

Cell phone monitoring applications

For those who want to download a reliable cell phone monitoring software, you should pay attention to the developing company. It is clear that there are thousands of different companies nowadays, but not all of them are equally good, and the same thing about their products. So, you should choose the best company among others and then purchase their best spying application. And there should be nothing special with the installation process.

As soon as you try ControlApps, you understand that this app is the best choice for you. You should download and install it on your own and the target device. You will find the range of options that will satisfy your needs and make the app really useful. ControlApps is not just a simple phone monitoring tool – it also informs you about the current GPS location of the targeted phone and thus its owner. It allows tracking calls, both incoming and outgoing. View online chats and downloaded media files. There is a huge list (24 items) of basic features, view it here: APP FEATURES

Choosing the right tracking app for your particular purposes – your choice should be based on the reputation of the company developer, its customers feedbacks, reliability, and your usage requirements. For example, some caring parent may need a little bit different phone monitoring app options than the businessman, who wants to control his/her employees.

How to use phone monitoring software for your business

As we have mentioned before, such cell phone monitoring applications like ControlApps can be used not only by parents and spouses. You can also use it in your business purposes. In case you need to monitor your employees’ corporate phones, to avoid even the smallest possibility of company private information leakage – our application can be your reliable helper!

Here are few main points, which can be monitored by ControlApps:

  • Messages
  • Calls
  • Multimedia
  • Passwords
  • Browser history
  • Downloads
  • GPS location

This list is certainly is far of complete and if you’d like to see the comprehensive register – please visit this page. Using spying applications for your business needs means that you can control your employees during their working time. It is possible and totally legal to track their location for better management. However, a person has to be informed that his or her phone is monitored, of course. Besides, it is very useful to have such an app, in case the corporate cell phone is lost, containing business notes and contacts.

Monitoring Application is among top tools needed to be confident and calm for your child’s safeness and employee honesty.

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