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Making the World a Safer Place for Your Kids
Android & iOS Devices Monitoring

Monitor your kids’
phones to protect them from online and offline dangers

Web Safety ControlApps.net gives you an opportunity to follow almost any online activity on the target device. Check browsing history, view bookmarks, monitor posts on social media, track IM messaging plus control objectionable content by blocking websites.
Device Control
With ControlApps, you are enabled to track calls, SMS, and MMS – both incoming and outgoing, as well as access all images and videos on the target device. Also, you can remotely block onboard and downloaded apps or block the device entirely.
Location Tracker
Find peace of mind while knowing that your child is safe and sound thanks to ControlApps’ reliable GPS location tracking. Set geofences and get notified when your kid leaves secure zone or enters restricted area. Check the entire route history.
Spyware for Cell Phones or Legal Parental Monitoring App?
Child safety is priceless. It is a matter of vital importance for parents. With the rapid expansion of mobile gadgets (phones, tablets, and smart devices), the issue has become even more critical. Why is that? These days, it is hardly possible to find a kid without a cell phone in the hip pocket of their jeans. Believe it or not but many children in the USA get their first mobile phone even before they turn 7 years old. According to the Pew Research Center, 92% of teens go online every single day mostly using their smartphones.
The problem is that many children have little idea of how to use mobile gadgets respectfully. Their unthoughtful behavior may expose some of them to cyberbullying, identity theft, and all sorts of an online scam. To protect their teens, parents start tracking their digital activity using spyware for cell phones and restricting their online access.
Do parents have the right to use a spy phone app behind their teen’s back? More likely yes than no. They do it for the good of their children. But they should be careful with cell phone spy software. It is appropriate for watching spouses or boyfriends/girlfriends. It may raise legal questions, too. Also, if a secret is out, this can worsen the relationship with the child and undermine their trust.
Parental monitoring apps are specifically designed to control kids’ digital activity. They are legal and safe. Thus, this is probably the best choice for responsible parents. Why? Below, we will take a closer look at parental monitoring apps and their advantages compared even with the best cell phone spy software.
➤ Websites filtering
Surely, not all sites on the Internet are appropriate for children. Some of them contain harmful materials (pornography, violence, alcohol and drugs promotion) or any other unsuitable content. Monitoring apps enable parents to block unwanted sites making the Internet a far safer place for teens. ➤ Limiting social media use
Modern teens are avid fans of social media platforms. They check their newsfeed and chat with friends several times a day. Using parental app will help parents set up specific hours for visiting social media. Thus, teens will have time to live their real life.
➤ Tracking the child’s location
From time to time, every parent would like to check where his or her kid is at this particular moment. Parental monitoring app has got such feature as tracking the teen’s location. So moms and dads are always aware of the whereabouts of their children.
➤ Staying aware
Are you afraid that your child has been victimized? Keep an eye on their daily online activity. Parental monitoring app will let you watch every move of your kid. So you will surely get to know what is happening to your child. If your fears are confirmed, talk to your child. Show your support and understanding. Consult a specialist if needed.
➤ Blocking unwanted apps
Children’s mobile devices are usually full of different apps. The thing is, not all of them are as harmless as they seem at first glance. If you find a particular app shady or insecure, better remove it from your kid’s cell phone. Play it safe.

➤ Protecting your teen against malware Preventing teens from downloading inappropriate apps is a good way to protect their mobile devices from malware. Some illegitimate apps may cause severe harm to the mobile device’s performance. Since parents are more likely to spot an untrusted app, they can block it.
When it comes to children’s safety, using parental monitoring apps is a wise decision for responsible parents to make. It seems to be a better way to shield the teens from the dark side of the Internet compared with a remote cell phone spy. Still, if you want to keep your teen secure online, start with a conversation. Make time to teach your kid the basics of safe mobile device usage. Combined with a parental software (e.g., ControlApps), this will surely bring positive results in a little while.